Bad Experience With Sungai Buloh Hospital Emergency Department

fuhh its been a long time that I have not update anything and I finally blog again because I was piss  !! so that I can put this up on facebook as its too long.lol. so I hope everyone can ready my complain letter to Sungai Buloh Hospital. take note before you read my complain letter (which had been sent out already) I have no issue with government hospital. but I have issue with some people attitude that works there.

but despite that Hospital Sungai Buloh pediatric doctor is the best unlike their emergency doctor. so what happen was ..............like my complain letter below.read on.

to whom it may concern,

being a mother of 2 i never been skeptical of hospital kerajaan like some mother do as both of my kids was born in hospital kerajaan. my first son who is now 3 year old was born in hospital serdang. we went many times there to kecemasan even late at night.despite all the complains of " kena tunggu lama kat hospital kerajaan" we dont mind as we wanted the best for our kids and off course we dont have the money to go private. hospital serdang had been great. no issue. even we have to wait long they treat our kids in good manner and check thoroughly.

when my son was admitted to the wad kanak kanak ,despite not having the bed for the parents to wait i dont mind as the doctors were great and they treat us well. way difference from all of my experience going to hospital sungai buloh. but before that let me compliment one thing. hospital sungai buloh has the best pediatricians ever! seriously. we been there about 3 times and had very great experience with the doctors and nurses. even there is one time that we bring a referral letter from the clinic and we dont know that we have to go emergency straight instead of there still the doctor was kind to check our daughter. this is way different from the wad kecemasan! is it because we dont have the money? is it because theres so many patience?? or is it because u just dont bother anymore..or maybe we should u know give money to the person starting from the guy at the outside one (those who give out the number before going to bilik 1).

i had went to sungai buloh emergency numerous time but all was bad experience except for one time..imagine only once!or maybe im just unfortunate that during the time i went bad things happened. your outside staff(the one giving out the number) was all no smile at all. seeing a mother like me carrying a small child they dont even have the courtesy to smile and just seem "dont care" attitude.next when i went to bilik 1 it was ok,normal. the worst part is when we wait to see the doctor.

before there were this system where red card is considered as urgent cases..but still we had to wait like more than 1 hour. ok nevermind its ok we used of the waiting situation.yesterday we went there at around 7pm. theres not much of people waiting. there are 5 doctor room (if im not mistaken) and its almost 9pm already.my husband went to check wether theres doctor inside the room.turn out there is no doctor at all in every room!! so he went and complain.like 15minutes later then the number moved.

so i bring my daughter inside. 1 chinese doctor(a guy) attend me. he doesnt even look at the damn detail on the sheet! doesnt even know that my daughter is a SHE not HE!! and he doesnt even know how old is my daughter!! he only check sooo damn simple unlike how my son was treated last time at hospital serdang.by the way my daughter was coughing like almost 3 weeks. i was worried because my son last time was admitted because of lung infection due to prolong coughing and flu.he only do simple lung check using the stethoscope and advice me to go klinik kesihatan for tibi check.like what the heck.and thats it.i understand that there wont be any medicine for below 2 year old. i know tat long time but the doctor should not speak to me like a stupid not reading mom person.

while i was there in the room he was chit chating with the other doctor about something that is not related at all with a patience there!  i got so angry and scold the doctor.even the other doctor was synical smiling behind me when i scold the other doctor like " i dont care whatever" attitude. this is yesterday.before that it was much worst.i have the name of the doctor unfortunately i dont have it now to include in this complain.it was an indian lady doctor.unfortunately for me twice we went there we got to met the same doctor!she had this "i dont care attitude". before it was my daughter jaundice blood checkup.she said we have to wait 2 hours for the result. at that time it was almost 10pm.because of the waiting.so common sense do we have to wait until 12pm?with small baby and 1 todler?i ask her if you can do a courtesy to call us to inform or maybe we could come tomorow to get the result.she said cannot if come again have to check again and cannot call.so we wait in the car !at night with our 2 kids.

okay the next jaundice checkup..my husband went and complain we cannot wait that long ..now it change to 1 hour pulak! the next one around 45 minutes pulak!means it can be done in shorter time!2nd time same doctor again bad experience also but i cant recall what happen.third time which i remember the most.my son was having a diarrhea and vomiting. we went there a bit late.so the doctor said in such case he had to be admitted so fine with me.but i told her can it be done tomorow as my daughter is still breastfeed so we had to go back for the night and come again early in the morning.she said can but have to go through all the waiting again in a very synical way !then she even ask me " jadi mak datang sini buat apa?!" like what ?????i remain my calmness .she even said ikut mak la nak buat apa...what the heck !! she is a doctor!!!!she should suggested me something atleast to assure me with her professional opinion!atleast provide us a letter to come in the morning for admission.

is this how sungai buloh hospital works?????then you should probably change ur way.i dont think its that alasan "ramai orang' "kurang doktor" and such as hospital serdang is much worst but they able to creat a good experience.i even see a female doctor at klinik kesihatan seri kembangan ALONE 
treating all the kids in a very joyfull manner and even give advice and able to do her work quick.i hope this can change atleast to be able to see small kids/baby and old people first and to see the situation wether its late or not.my husband even went once at 1 am to kecemasan and finish at almost 4am with not much of people at the emergency!! and he bring our son because of high fever! please you should change. to those who reading this pls take this matter seriously. i as a consumer will bring this to many sources out there from social network to kementerian kesihatan and to the media .thank you.