Gosh How My Life Change!

berapa lama tak update dah blog ni but still ada urge to do so not for others tapi specifically untuk kaliq for his future reading. gosh my life change so much.there is so many things that i want to share but as for now im with Kaliq.actually at the moment kaliq stay dengan aunty dia (my sister) dekat bentong pahang so that we can setle few things.once its setle than we will bring him back with us.

having a child is not all fun .i mean bukan la its a bad thing.u see when i was pregnant all i can think is " wah happynya nak dapat anak " u know it is soooo amazing to have a child on ur own.but then i forgot the hard part..like when ur child is sick...money issue and such.kena prepare self financially and minda pun kena prepare.to bring a child in this world especially is not all fun.banyak dugaannya yang kita kena betul betul prepare.

u see this handsome boy ..cepat je dah besar!he is currently (by the time im posting this ) 2months and 14 days.moms lil man .i love u.