Super Housewife Mommies

I never got the time to really update my blog anymore well basically bukannya tak ada masa pun just that im to lazy to do it anymore.pfftt. But i remind myself why i do it in the first place that is to leave something that my kids could read.

I decided to get back working after i dont know almost a year i think being a housewife. Some might said being a housewife is easy(especially husband..they always said this..by that i meant my husband that is)but heck no..they are soooo wrong.

when i was a housewife terasa macam theres too many things to do. Let say for example in 1 day i can start by washing dishes,tetiba sapu sampah..kemudian alamak lantai kotor pulak ada susu tumpah kena mop pulak..then end up i mop the whole house then pergi toilet alamak kotornya toilet!!there i am menyental lantai toilet pulak and it will goes on and on until end of the day. Tapi yelah not all the time aku buat kerja kan.nak mampus macam tu?nanti tak terlayan anak pulak.

And now i decided to start back working sebab nak tolong my husband. I feel that he can no longer support all. Masa berhenti kerja pun bukan lah kita orang mampu sangat tapi mengenangkan adik Adra still small and husband was like aahhhh kesiannya nak hantar adik. So we berkorban a lot of things..i mean a lot.

No more dine out (only once a while) no more movie outing and such. Basically because of the money and time. And there are times that there was nothing to eat so i just masak whatever have. I am not ashamed to say this as this make me bersyukur and put my priority at the right place.

Now that Adra is 6 month  old and Kaliq 2year+ there is a bit relief that now i can send them to babysitter so that i can work..but still my heart is not at the right place anyway..haha..asyik melayang ke rumah babysitter je. Okay till then.