What Normally A 10 Month Old Boy Do?

wah for how long i didnt update my blog.  i was so caught up in work..this and that issue..reaching a point of stress in life that even to do a simple blogging also i dont have the mood to do so.

well Kaliq is already 10 month old. time flies so fast eh? sometime i always look back at his picture when he was like a month old and said to myself " man u grow up so fast i hope i dont miss a thing" .

he is now is so cheeky and start to climb here and there. even though he might not yet understand me but i always threaten to send him away to his grandma house at my hometown..he just look at me and smile like teasing me and like trying to tell me " hello mummy like i care and i know u love me that u wont dare send me away!" haha.

he got 2 small teeth now..barely seen but he bite hard.he loves to play now like everytimeeeeee. he will climb me and climb hes dad..climb the bed..climb the sofa..climb the door and such.

hes so active now.sometime its a bit tiring for me to entertain him in this way but he has this smirk on his face that melts my heart everytime. but 1 thing that annoys me so much is how clingy he is with his pacifier. he cant see it he will wanting it so bad! i hope one day he can get rid this habit.my bad also for teaching him to depend on it.

well thats it for now :)