The Birth Of Adra Nelissa

After so long i figure i rather make a new blog since i have so many things to share with especially parents out there and for my kids future read. Dah memang lama sangat tak post anything as you can see my last post was when Kaliq was at 11 month old..sekarang dah almost 2 year old in another 2months! Time flies so fast does it. But i figure i just delete my old post yang tak penting and countinue.

And now Adra Nelissa has been born to the world on 13th July 2013. I guess my kids memang fancy nombor 13 as Kaliq pun lahir on 13 Dec 2011.13 has now become our favourite number hehe.

When i was pregnant with Adra i wasnt expected that its going to be that fast as Kaliq that time baru je setahun lebih. I was so scared sampai memang tiap hari pikir how am i going to devide my time between them as of cos Kaliq needs to be given attention too. I got depress and start searching and do research by google of cos on other mothers experience. I was so scared.

My health also tak berapa baik that i have to quit my job to give full attention to self and Kaliq yang selalu jugak tak sihat masa tu making our financial become merudum. Masa tu bertawakal jela insyaallah ada rezeki yang baik baik untuk anak. So many things happen that sometime i just dont want to get up from my bed but Kaliq is the reason to keep me going..

I did not went to any checkup . Selalu sangat skip sampai kena marah dengan nurse kat klinik kesihatan but i cant go really as hubs cant get his off day often. I went for scan sekali sahaja other than that i countinue my meds. Dalam hati memang risau sangat if anything bad happen to Adra. Bertawakallah sekali lagi.

Alhamdulillah Adra lahir sihat sempurna di Hospital Sungai Buloh around 2am. Actually i plan to give birth dekat Hospital Selayang as my friend about a month before had a very bad experience in Sungai Buloh but i was having a really bad contraction that night that hubs decide untuk pergi ke hospital yang paling dekat.

I was having a really bad contraction around 10pm but still i told my hubs well maybe sakit biasa kot..false alarm. Siap cakap kat dia takpe la tunggu la pagi sebab i was thinking bout Kaliq alah mana nak hantar anak sorang ni siapa nak jaga. We even try to sleep but the contraction gap was getting closer by 5minutes so i know la that time memang tak boleh tunggu dah. I know i cant stand contraction!macam tulang belakang kena perah macam kain!

Upon arriving at Sungai Buloh dengan Kaliq yang mamai dunno what the heck is happening that time i was push straight to labour room. Doc said nasib baik cepat kalau tak haiyo teberanak la kat rumah. Alhamdulilah it doesnt take so long as around 1hour after i give birth to Adra eventhough hubs wasnt with me sebab kena send Kaliq to my friend house Arni (thank you so much until this day i can never thank you enough sebab tolong jaga Kaliq). Hubs reach hospital je dia dah dapat pegang Adra. But i was bit piss sebab masa tu bulan puasa so nurse semua sibuk nak bersahur. Tengah sakit tu dalam labour room boleh tanya tu ni macam tak menyempat! Siap blast off from the hp lagu Bruno Mars,Grenade!so Adra that is the first song u heard..blergh. Then i hold Adra for about an hour sebab the nurse said its a new policy that the baby be placed at the mother for an hour. Its kinda like to connect mak dan anak la.

Bersalin pukul 2am dapat bilik pukul 7am. Lapar gila dah masa tu. And hubs can only came back at 10am bapak kebulur dah masa tu tak kisah pantang ke hape apa hospital bagi licin! Bilik tak berapa ok masa tu sebab ramai but i dont care!all i know aku nak keluar haritu jugak! Dalam bilik tu ada 2 orang mak lagi one sebab dia punya jahitan ceaser terbukak(adoilaaa)another one mak arab yang cant understand english at all haha.

Dapat jugak keluar on the same day alhamdulilah. By the way if anyone wondering la kan as i always google on kos..bersalin normal and wad3 48rm sajork. Alhamdulilah ok la tu as long as semuanya selamattttt.

Balik tu we wait for Kaliq to come home. His first reaction to Adra???hadoi jeles habis!the night end with me and hubs tersadai tidur duduk kat katil sebab ada orang baru tu tak nak tidur! O well nanti story about confinement sendiri pulak. Toodles!

Note : Adra Nelissa was born on 13.07.13 at Hospital Sungai Buloh. Weight 3.45kg. Adra means suci,perawan, and also the charecter from the cartoon Pada Zaman Dahulu 'Ara' and Nelissa is my real name pronounce backward :) as Kaliq means 'the creative one' and its Khairul Afiq(hubs full name)shorten becomes Kaliq :) Adra is now 3months old :)