Here Is Our Concern Love

Dear child,it had been 3 days that i had lack of sleep..i keep on worrying about a lot of things.why oh why.i dont think that im the only one experience this. i think all mothers to be experiencing the same thing..well i think so heh.daddy is trying his level best. i truly can see that. if u know daddy the way i am i think u will understand why i can say that daddy's a change man. every time im worried he always said to me " dont worry everything will be ok u worried too much" which make me calm all the time.oh ya by the time im typing this u are 14weeks now :)

i keep on worrying wether im gonna be a good mother.wether i can provide all the things that u need in the future...what if i fail u?oh my..eventhough i know that its going to be a long way..a long road..but im still worried.mummy and daddy are not rich people. we also do not come from a wealthy family. we can only provide u whatever we can but still im really scared that it wont be enough.

i really hope that one day when u're born we both can provide u all the necessary thing that u need. and we dont have any future plans for u like celebration or anything..as we want u to decide on what u want in life..and we will try our level best to provide u things that u want in life..but put in mind "u want it u must earn it".thats what mummy and daddy gonna put ur mind into.

mum and dad


Happy Father's Day To Daddy And Atuk!

Dear child,by the time I'm typing this u are almost reaching 4months in mummy's tummy.just so u know...tomorrow is Father's Day. It is celebrated 2nd Sunday every June. I'm not sure how ur daddy's gonna be someday...but I know he's going to be a great dad. Just like atuk. But atuk has a different approaching towards his kids. Let me tell u and all a story about my dad....

He's the kind of guy that always right!always!whatever he said u can't ever ever said the other way around. He never show his love by hugging or kissing his kids...but mummy for sure when me and ur uncles and aunts were small babies we were showered with it!

Since I'm the youngest...he follow me everywhere...(Oh god I'm crying when I'm typing this)..he ask opah to accompany me to kindergarden...opah was the cook at my kindergarden. When I enter 'sekolah rendah' he was there as the school head of PIBG(persatuan ibu bapa dan guru)...he was the one who handed me my cert every end year ceremony at school. He send me to school everyday..then send me to 'mengaji' every night.

When I enter 'sekolah menengah' atuk still send me to school.. Everytime he waited for me infront of the school my friend always tell me 'weh atuk kau dah tunggu kat depan'..haha. But it was my dad. He was looking so old with all the grey hair.

Then I went on to hostel at age 16. Atuk still send me there. He acted like 'ok I don't care anymore..u are big girl' still I know if can he will follow me everywhere. He will show up suprisingly during wekend and all. Then when I decided to stay home and take a bus to school he always like 'ok u prefer bus than me sending u so we will see how it is'...now I understand why after I'm not getting my bus...missed the bus...he will get ready soooo slow to send me!hehe.

Tell u something my child...what I'm trying to tell u here is that atuk never fail us...all of us..when I'm typing this I kept on thinking when did he ever fail me?never once. He will provide whatever I want. He is not a rich man but he got the richest heart. He never show it....but we know that we are loved....

Talk about ur daddy...he's going to be one great guy like atuk..never fail to provide mummy whatever I want..eventho I can be harsh sometime.. .but I'm for sure he have his different approaching too. U gonna have great mens in ur life..don't forget that..

Happy fathers day to all fathers out there. Especially to mine. Why did I deserve this men with the richest heart in the world ?? I am loved.
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