5 Months 15 days

My grumpy little man. How time flies so fast... Look at you. My man. I love u baby
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A 5 Months Old Boy He Is!

young man u grow up so fast

11.45 am.fuhh im sweating macam baru lepas mandi.the weather now fuh.kita yang dah tua ni ok la lagi but poor kaliq everynight mandi peluh.sorry baby mummy cant afford to buy u airconditioner. will try my best to get it for u though.

how he grow up so fast ha.so panjang akal now.hes following his mood.and he already know what he can get from crying..sometimes out loud.haha.but still 5months old he is still that small baby that came out from my tummy that i have small talk with when he was 1 day old.

even with 1 kid my life is already hectic.respect goes to mysisters and my mak and all the mother in the world especially yang got more than 2 kids..working and all.jugling between goin out to work comes home and do house chores..masak..nak layan suami lagi..whoah!respect..mother defination should be 1 that did tooo many job at 1 time for free.

at the moment kaliq dah memang start makan.since i dont have the time of mylife yet to cook him good food(sorry baby) but i give him cookies with milk and cerelac.he loves it.good job kaliq!and on daily basis now he will shout out metalica songs without lyric....a music to my ears.

hes my soul hes my harta dunia akhirat. i love you baby.mama will always be with u.