Here Is Our Concern Love

Dear child,it had been 3 days that i had lack of sleep..i keep on worrying about a lot of things.why oh why.i dont think that im the only one experience this. i think all mothers to be experiencing the same thing..well i think so heh.daddy is trying his level best. i truly can see that. if u know daddy the way i am i think u will understand why i can say that daddy's a change man. every time im worried he always said to me " dont worry everything will be ok u worried too much" which make me calm all the time.oh ya by the time im typing this u are 14weeks now :)

i keep on worrying wether im gonna be a good mother.wether i can provide all the things that u need in the future...what if i fail u?oh my..eventhough i know that its going to be a long way..a long road..but im still worried.mummy and daddy are not rich people. we also do not come from a wealthy family. we can only provide u whatever we can but still im really scared that it wont be enough.

i really hope that one day when u're born we both can provide u all the necessary thing that u need. and we dont have any future plans for u like celebration or anything..as we want u to decide on what u want in life..and we will try our level best to provide u things that u want in life..but put in mind "u want it u must earn it".thats what mummy and daddy gonna put ur mind into.

mum and dad

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