Hai I Am Kaliq!

Assalamualaikum and hai!my name is Kaliq Rafael b. Mohd Khairul Afiq. Mumy cal me Kaliq or sometime Raff. Well many people ask anyway what my name really means. Kaliq means creative while Rafael means god has healed in Spanish. And Kaliq is also actually the combination dady's name Khairul Afiq and mummy's name Salina.

By the time I'm invading mummy's space here I am officialy 3months old. Well most of the time I just sleep and drink me milk. Grrrr(pirate sound).

Anyway I live quite far from mum and dad as they have to setle things so that I can live with them comfortably. For the time being I'm staying with my ayah lang and mak yang and my4 cousins.

Well it doesn't matter anyway I'm still the bos whereever I go. Bein grown up is boring! Babies have more fun u see. I just cry and I have everyone to do things for me(don't tell anyone its our secret okay!)

Ok then I have to go. Wish me well and mummy daddy murah rezeki ok so that I can stay with them fast!

Handsome boy kaliq rafael


  1. Awwwww.... that is so sweet and cute...!!!!

  2. good boy Kaliq, we all know u also pray for your parents. ;)
    Behave okay, dont cry too much. Poor PakLang and Makyang