Anger Management During Pregnancy! Tell Me About It!

i am not sure whether im the right person to give advise about this from what i read every pregnant lady suffer the same thing.when i got pregnant one of the things people keep telling me is that "beb u kena banyak sabar nanti anak u ikut perangai u suka marah marah" ok but tell me how am i going to control it if im very very angry?

well my husband pulak lain cerita.before i got pregnant kita orang memang suka argue even pasal benda benda kecik which is kinda annoying.the good thing about me getting pregnant dia memang tak suka sangat carik pasal.he always try his level best to make me happy.so in another word he have to express his anger elsewhere.like for example dia akan lepas kan  on the road ..lepas kan dekat kucing.oohh i so notice it alot!bila i sound him "hey why la u asyik nak marah je ?"then he always answer " so takkan la i nak lepas kan marah kat u pulak" ill be like dalam hati "o ye jugak ye " then i just let him be.hehe.

i always express my anger on my facebook status.just because i don't want to curse as my baby can listen now.but still ada jugak yang salah paham .bila aku letak all that anger on my status ada je yang "rilek nanti baby tuh ikut perangai ".adoi masalahnya im expressing it on my facebook status bukan i shout or something .plus do u expect pregnant lady to be cheerful all the time with all the back pain...annoying people ...headache and all?no right.so i think still we have the right to be angry!

plus im working at a call center. colleague will curse if they got issue with their calls..so i cant do anything as my working environment is already like that.as for your information i did attend a training last time and the trainer inform from my behavior test that im going to be a loving mother.Insyaallah.well hope we all can doa together my baby will be a wonderful baby okay.salam ramadhan!

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