2nd Trimester !! I Feel Good!

wah its been a while that i dont update my blog.everytime i feel like posting something then bukak je new post terus blank.and last time also i dont have the energy nak buat apa pun because of my morning sickness.jangan kan nak menaip nak bercakap pun malas.teehee.but now energy dah lain macam.like most people around me said "u are having the best part of ur pregnancy now"

on my 1st trimester i suffer morning sickness yang sangat worse.then after the 16weeks(4months pregnant )i become more energetic and is start to enjoy eating again.the feeling is wonderful sebab sebelum tuh i cant even eat anything at all especially rice!jangan kan makan bau nasi pun tak boleh.but now almost everyday cari nasi.my favourite lauk sekarang 'ayam masak merah"..adoi!terliuq.nak nak pulak yang orang kahwin punya ayam masak merah.hey apsal sedap sangat!?hehe.

but the best achievement is that i quit on caffeine..o my coffee...dah 5 bulan tak taste coffee yang almost every morning dulu kalau tak pekena adoi memang tak boleh buat kerja la.then nicotine!o my cigarette!masa mula mula dapat tau pregnant dulu memang terpikir how the heck im i goin to quit on this 2 of my favourite routine.but then lepas kena morning sickness je terus i cant smell coffee and cigarette.bau je this 2 mesti rasa nak termuntah.Masyaallah memang Allah bagi senang la.luckily dear husband tak drink coffee but he do smoke but now he will smoke jauh jauh from me.

and another things that i deserve to get a pat in back is that since ive been together with Afiq that is 4 years ago he always request that i keep my hair long.i NEVER keep my hair long since i dont know...erk...when i was 14?punyala lama.so now that im pregnant he said to me that ok if kita dapat anak perempuan i tak nak nanti anak kita ikut u rambut pendek je..i want her to have long hair.but since sekarang tak tau lagi boy or girl tak apa la i keep my hair long for his sake.hehe.so to date this is the longest i ever keep and im definately keeping it walaupun rimas gila ok sebab dah biasa buat boy cut.whoever know me personally will definately suprise!but my hair kalau panjang memang bit mess.nasib baik now dah decide nak tutup kepala.so its much easier to manage tak payah nak stail stail..balik rumah je Afiq akan cakap my hair look like 'emak emak' punya rambut.haha.

well now that im 5months already i can feel my baby kicking .if i dont eat adoi lagi la dia siap pusing pusing..tendang tendang...mengeras....so sweet.u know u never think that 1 day u will get this kind of feeling yang perempuan je boleh rasa.kalau Afiq dia asyik sound baby dalam perut je like "baby duduk diam diam ye dalam perut mummy nanti kita makan" haha ...a strict father eventhough belum lahir lagi.nanti harap harap baby faham daddy rules the house...and mummy is always right.hehe.

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