11 Month Already?!

When I first saw my son live for the first time I have to admit I was bit geli. Yela it was my 1st experience and plus at that time he was covered with something icky haha. Lepas tuh the doc take him away for cleaning and I only got to see him like 1 hour after that. When they bring him 1st thing I touch is his small hand. He squeezes a bit his face and all.Then I kiss his forehead. Masyaallah bau adoi sedap! Bagai nak digigit je tat itsy bitsy small head.

Today 23nov2012. 12.27 am by the time I'm typing this my 11 month baby is next beside me. 11 month berlalu like soooo fast..next month 13 he will be 1 year old! Adoi like people said they grow up so fast sakit beranak pun tak hilang lagi ! Haha.

This boy now got 5 teeth.sleep in his own bed. Refuse to eat meds. Playtime for him is 24/7.very particular with food. Pakai baju is a battle evryday and such .

......looking back ..the hardship I gone tru when I was pregnant with him where I almost cry evryday due to this and that issue..we don't even have any cash when I give birth(as kaliq was born early than due date)and those 3 months of sleepless night...

Now Kaliq has grown to be a baby that was easy for me. Alhamdulilah. No diaper issue. Murah also can. Susu also no issue. Maybe he understand. Well he did went tru everthing with me for 9month kan.

Till this day still everytime I kiss him at night when he's asleep,tears fall down as that smell of the 1st day I kiss him still lingers in my mind. I love u son. Please don't grow up so fast. U will still be mommies lil man.
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