Baby First Solid Food

budak comot cranky asking for food!!

well i try my level best now and then to update my blogs when i have the time for my future reading especially this so that i can remember Kaliq's progress and to share with many my own experience.

actually when Kaliq was like 2months he already eat solid food .basically its biscuit and milk.his opah give it to him T_T. at that time i was not so happy bout it as most doctor inform me that baby can eat only after 6months and if u can see most of baby food in store is actually for 6 months and above.his grandma said "alah dah lapar kasi la makan".huhu. i did ask some doctor bout this and it depends on the baby actually if they are ok with it then carry on.but some baby can get stomach problem than can lead to serious cases.

but at times i do agree with my mom when she said 'orang dulu dulu masa dalam pantang lagi dah kasi anak makan tau.gaul gaul je tepung kasi makan habis je,,,sihat je.." very true and i was one of the baby.haha.but normal la u see for 1st time mom to be scared of new things especially bout their babies.

well anyway Kaliq is officially 4 months so i try giving him Heinz apple and banana as Heinz is the only baby food that i found that offers for 4months old baby.it cost around 4rm just to try if Kaliq wants it so i only buy 1.if he is ok with it than easy peasy i just blend the fruits for him!

turn out he hates it! like 5minutes after giving him he puke it back.so my sister advise me to give him cookies and milk.so today i try Milna cookies banana flavour.mix it with milk .he loves it!any cookies would do especially biskut meri !he was kicking and screaming if i dont feed him fast.rebel!

so basically this is the food that is appropriate for baby from 4 to 6 months(some of it)

  • cereals and grains -rice-barley-oat
  • fruits-avocado-apple-banana-pears
  • vegetable-sweet potatoes- green beans
let our baby explore new things!hopefully Kaliq is ok accepting new food !

A baby's tummy is the size of his fist - remember this as you are feeding him; it doesn't take much food to make a "meal"!


  1. Hai sis.. Ingt lagi x sape ni? Miss u laa sis :)try contact u xdpt.. ternmpak ur blog on my space so I try ² search,akhirnya... :D miss u a lot.. Mntak nickname FB plss

  2. hey babe... cmne life after becoming a mommy...best x? heheheh... seronok tgk ur baby....bam bam nyeee...nak gigit pipi die skit..hehheeh :)slalu lee update pasal baby ekkkk mommy :)