38 Weeks Pregnant!

Again alhamdulilah that I reach this point!

Many said that by 38weeks u can already deliver.kira baby dah cukup bulan sangat untuk lahir.38weeks kira equals to 9month and 14days.

Now I'm wishing everyday that my baby lahir awal.memang the fact nak melahirkan tuh yeah u can already imagine the pain and all but to tell u the truth I can't handle the pain now anymore.huhu.baby is super heavy.its so hard to breath if I lay down.its kinda like dia hempap ur body.haha.beratnya anak mummy ni.plus its not easy to get up anymore.I can feel the pain so bad that walking is not an easy task not to even mention waking up from bed!

My feet is also swollen.lucky I have a wonderful husband to massage my feet. Eventhough my due date is on 24th(another 16days by the time I'm posting this) I'm gona take my maternity leave starting this 12th because I can't handle work anymore!I'm gona take my time off resting...makan apa nak huhu and away from office work and drama! And focus on self,baby and my family.

To be updated soon!

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